Which Product Is Best For Me?


The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit

This toolkit is a collection of over 450+ Canva templates to use for your blog. This collection is a solid foundation that helps new and intermediate bloggers develop a beautiful branded blog, social media graphics, and create lead magnets to grow their email list. This is not a step-by-step course, it's a tool that can be used over and over everytime you need to design something for your blogging business. To see a detailed list of all the different types of templates available in the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit click the learn more button!

DiyDesign Creators Vault

This is a monthly membership of brand new Canva templates for the blogger who already has a solid foundation and is working on creating new content on a regular basis to scale their blog. The templates in this program are removed after 60 days so new subscribers will not have access to prior months, meaning not EVERYONE who purchases this product has the same templates- this makes the templates much more exclusive to help you stand out more! To learn more about what's included monthly, click the learn more button!

The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox

This product is an actual step-by-step product creation system that you can use every time you need to create a digital product for your blog. While there are many product design templates, the system also includes other types of templates such as sales copy templates, survey templates, product outline templates and so much more. In addition, there are video tutorials and step-by-step lessons to teach you how to develop, create, and launch a digital product for your blog. This system is open for enrollment 2x per year so be sure to get on the waitlist! To see exactly what's included in this system and join the waitlist, click the learn more button!

Confident Funnels: Elementor Page Templates

This product is different from my others because it does not included Canva templates. These are page templates ONLY for the Elementor page builder plugin. They include all the pages you need for a successful funnel: opt-in page, tripwire page, sales page, upsell page. They are available in 3 different styles. To see what's included in Confident Funnels, click the learn more button!


There is not a SINGLE overlap of templates in any of these products: they are ALL exclusive to the individual product. You can essentially have all of the products mentioned on this page and every template would be different. The styles vary but all can be customizable to your brand. No paid products are required for use of my templates (meaning you can have Free Canva or Elementor accounts).


Mega Pin Creators Bundle

The Mega Pin Creators Bundle is simply a set of 60 additional pin templates for the creator that can't get enough pins! These include pins for blog posts, promotions, and more! See the different types of pins included by clicking the learn more button!

The Holiday Content Template Toolkit

This product contains holiday theme templates to help you design your holiday content! The toolkit contains images for your social media images, profiles, lead magnets and seasonal digital products. Click the learn more button to see what's included!


An actionable challenge to help you understand the graphics you'll need to create for your blog + free templates to help you implement!

Not sure how to use Canva? Start here! This quick course will help you get started right away!

Ready to create a digital product? This masterclass will go over my 4-step framework for creating and launching a successful product!

Not sure if templates are right for you? Try them out for free- this library has over 40+ Canva templates in addition to exclusive resources, printables, Trello boards and more to help you succeed with graphic design for your blog!

I'm Kara and design is my JAM!

I've been certified in graphic design for over 10 years and I’m a full time blogger that specializes in combining my knowledge of graphic design with online marketing to create better social media graphics, lead magnets, and digital products that are currently helping over 10k bloggers grow their online businesses.  

After I had my son, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I was dedicated, ambitious, and stubborn about making a living online. 6 months after launching Simplifying DIY Design I had replaced my full time income and in less than 2 years I had generated over six-figures in digital product sales alone.  

Templates are my JAM and my passion is to create design tools and systems that you can use to implement your way to success in your digital business!