The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit 

OVER 450+ Templates You Need to Quickly Create Stunning, Jump-Off-The-Screen Image to Grow Your Blog-- Without Having to Learn Design!

You’re a blogger. You love to WRITE. Who knew you’d have to be a graphic designer too? I get it.. attempting to design a simple PIN is like trying to stand up in a hammock without spilling your wine. A time-suck of frustration that gets you nowhere.  

I know the frustrations of blogging and I’m here to tell you that graphic design doesn’t have to be one of them anymore. This is exactly why I’ve create this ultimate toolkit…

Take a peek inside and watch a demo of the toolkit! 


I get it. You want more traffic, your list is growing at a snails pace, and you aren’t even close to that income goal. You work so hard and feel like you have nothing to show. Just spinning those wheels.

There’s a piece of the puzzle that’s missing. Your content rocks, but your designs don’t.  

The online world is SO visual. And if your promotions aren't jumping off the page and grabbing people, then you’re losing money.  

Here’s the thing. You could be getting 500 or more subscribers per month. Minimum! 

You could be hitting that crazy-to-even-think-about-it income goal.  

You could be setting your business up to make money on autopilot. But you don’t know where to start. It's taking too long. You don’t have the right tools.  

Until now.  


Maybe some of this gives you that been-there-done-that feeling...

Frustration of trying to design

Nothing is coming out right or the way you thought it would in your head. You honestly don’t even know WHAT looks good or how to get it out on the screen. You are so busy trying to master all the things and make every second count as you work so hard to grow this blog in the margins of life and the precious seconds of naptime so when an hour goes by and you’ve got nothing to show for it your just plain frustrated.

Nothing Converts

So you’ve spent a ton of time and effort on a design that you are fairly happy with and you put it out there. No bites. No one even notices you or your pin, your lead magnet, or your product. If you’re not converting then you’re not growing and you’re losing money. Nothing crushes motivation more than not getting anywhere.  

You're holding yourself back

You feel like your designs are just plain embarrassing. Everything you create makes you want to hit that delete button and the thought of putting it out there paralyzes you. Your stomach turns and you dread hitting the publish button so you just don’t. Without those social media graphics you won’t have the traffic. Without the lead magnets you don’t have the email list.

The truth is that without products that pull in massive profits in your sleep, you're missing out on some serious income!

If you’ve ever felt any of those things, you’re in the right place.  

You can create stunning social media images, lead magnets, and profitable digital products in little to no time with a professional, high converting result you’d be proud to put out there (without paying professional prices)—MINUS the time-suck of frustration.

Hear it from these Complete Blogger Template Toolkit buyers

Here are 4 of the biggest design mistakes I see from bloggers...

#1. You create graphics based on what you like, not what converts or what resonates with your ideal reader.  

It’s great if you like bright yellow or think super-hard-to-read script looks awesome as your blog titles but if it’s hard for people to even look at your site or your social media images, they aren’t going to click. They’ll never even get to your amazing content. These templates are built based on what works for blogging.  

#2. You stare at a blank screen and don’t even know where to start.  

Not only is this a huge waste of your precious time but this makes it even harder to design something that looks professional. It’s like when you aren’t inspired to write but you force it and the blog post comes out awful (#askmehowiknow). Same goes for design. The struggle is real. Templates give you a jumping off point.  

#3. You know nothing about design.  

I get it, you’re a writer. I’m certainly not saying that you need to go back to school, invest in expensive design courses or try to learn fancy and super confusing programs to succeed as a blogger. But design MATTERS and the right tool can make all the difference.  

#4. You feel like you don't stand out  

Guys, I get it. There world of online business is noisy and it's easy to drown out in the sea of sameness. If you're designs don't jump off the screen, grab your reader, and pull them into your unique and brilliant content then it IS easy to fade into the background. These templates are designed to stand out, set you a apart, and pull people into your content.

Take a moment to imagine a world where you could...

Create a killer pin in just five minutes.  

Not only does it take me just minutes using my own templates, but I’ve also had customers report being able to create pins fast and in high volumes over short periods. Here's what Kathryn said:  

Make money on autopilot each month with your own products and creations.  

Product creation is how I started monetizing my blog one month after launching. My tripwire helped me make money right away and cover the cost of advertising. My first digital product generated over $10k in just 7 days with a list size of only 2k. Products are where it’s at, and this is something you can absolutely create even if you have no idea what you’re doing. 

Have amazing confidence in your designs.  

Confidence is half the battle. You might hate being on video, you might be embarrassed to tell your friends or family you’re a blogger but when you’re designs rock everyones socks off, the overall presentation is something you will not only be proud of—but you’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of confidence and putting yourself out there will feel much less terrifying.  

Grow your list twice as fast in half as much time for free.  

The list matters, you’ve heard it a thousand times. But when it takes a week to design a lead magnet, it becomes more of a hassle than anything and ends up in nothing but SLOW email growth. When you can pump out opt-ins like a machine for each blog post, when your blog posts funnel people into those opt-in offers, you’ll be growing your list faster than you thought possible. Trust me, I’ve fought the 5 subs a day fight for a long time and I have no desire to go back to that time.


Hear it from more bloggers!


The Complete Template Toolkit for Bloggers

THE complete blogging hack for creating those blog-growing-money-making graphics while keeping your sanity.

Let's take a look inside!


All the templates you need to optimize your site and bring your blog to life


Ads, covers, headers, promotions, and more. Gotya covered.


 Start growing that list once and for all (and nurturing them too)


Start making money. Seriously. Tripwires, products, courses-- I’ve got it designed for you. Plug in your content and start making money!


Step by step tutorials for each template to walk you through everything you need to know about making these work for your site


Not only will you get exclusive access to bonuses not available anywhere else, but you'll get lifetime access all future updates

This means you'll get...

Well over 450+ Canva Templates: Everything You’ll Need To Design as a Blogger

  •  8 Logo Templates
  •  A brand board template
  •  7 About me templates
  •  7 Popular posts templates
  •  21 Opt-in promo graphics
  •  5 Product or affiliate recommendatin tiles
  •  8 Blog category graphics
  •  10 Pinterest Board Covers
  •  6 Facebook live promo graphics
  •  30 Horizontal blog post images
  •  30 Pinterest blog post images
  •  10 Gift Guide Pins
  •  9 Twitter blog post images
  •  30 Facebook/Instagram blog post images
  •  10 Instagram Story Templates
  •  9 Facebook ad/Instagram promo
  •  6 Facebook page headers
  •  8 Facebook group headers
  •  6 Twitter covers
  •  6 Linkedin covers
  •  6 Youtube Channel Cover Art
  •  6 Youtube Video Thumbnails
  •  6 Podcast Thumbnails
  •  6 Square Audiowave Episode Promos
  •  6 IG Story Audiowave Episde Promos 
  •  7 Product mockups
  •  9 Cover Designs
  •  Holiday gift guide template (5 total pages)
  •  Media kit with monetization package template (4 pages)
  •  Ebook template (8 pages)
  •  3 Styles of slide decks (13 total slides)
  •  20 Worksheets
  •  10 Pages of cut out card templates
  •  14 Lined Note Pages
  •  6 Chart templates
  •  4 Calendar templates
  •  4 Two-Page Calendar sets (8 total pages)
  •  6 Daily planning sheets
  •  9 Checklists
  •  4 Styles of Guide/Tutorial template (5 pages)
  •  6 Inspiration art templates
  •  10 Mobile Screen Art/Mobile Wallpapers
  •  8 Envelope Templates
  •  10 Foldable Card Templates
  •  7 Newsletter signatures
  •  6 Newsletter headers
  •  6 Newsletter square brand images
  • All templates are designed in a variety of styles and can be mixed and matched

(Yep, that's 459 total pages of templates!)

Tutorials to Walk You Through It…

You’ve got the templates. Now what? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you exactly how can you make each one of these templates match your brand perfectly. After all, I’m a huge fan of brand cohesiveness!  

So I’m going to walk you through it. Most of them are self explanatory, but others you may want that extra help with. Either way, I want you to have ALL the tools you need to make this work for you.  

This is it… it’s time to make this happen for you.


Check out this sneak peek and preview the designs that are included!

Bonuses Make Everything Better!

Everyone likes bonuses.. SO, not only are you going to get over 220+ professionally designed Canva templates and 30+ video tutorials but you will also get these exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else...

Bonus #1. The Essential Guide For Using Templates To Go From Blog To Business ($47 Value, Yours FREE)

This guide walks you through designing your sales funnel from start to finish so you can start monetizing right away, even while you work to grow your blog. This goes through all the details of the opt-in, the tripwire, and the product and how to set it up to make you money on autopilot. 

Bonus #2. Workbook: Design Your Funnel ($67 Value, Yours FREE)

This workbook will walk you through every single aspect of the strategy guide in an actionable, step-by-step way that will help you determine what you need to create for your niche and audience along with helping you break it down in doable steps to help you actually get it done! You’ll have everything you need to build the perfect sales funnel.

Bonus #3. Blog + Social Media Graphics Optimization Checklist ($12 Value, Yours FREE)

A simple but effective, actionable roadmap for optimizing your blog and social media via graphic design. Everything is 100% laid out for you, you just have to assign due dates to keep yourself accountable and check it off when you’re done. Formulated specifically to help you optimize your blog growth, build your list and grow your income. For those that need things spelled out (like me!!) this is exactly what you need! 

Bonus #4. Lifetime Access + Updates

The blogging world changes fast! Things that convert well today might not tomorrow which is why I’m going to always be adding and updating these templates.  

I will update the templates as needed and add templates as time allows—you’ll have complete access to any future templates added to the toolkit at no additional charge even if the price of the toolkit is increased.

Who is this template toolkit for?

  •  Anyone who is at ALL familiar with Canva

These templates are ONLY for Canva (although an adobe version is scheduled for the next update!) and you should be at least somewhat familiar with the platform to use them. They aren’t hard to edit but jumping into a program you’ve never used before can be overwhelming. That said, there are tutorials to help you if you’re up for learning!

  •  Those that want to save time designing

There’s so much that goes into blogging and designing blog post graphics, lead magnets, products and more can take up a ton of time. The MORE you are able to create in the least amount of time equals faster growth. Fact.

  •  Those that have ideas for products but aren’t sure how to get it on the screen

And by products I mean lead magnets too! These give you a jumping off point which is huge for getting the creativity flowing. By having a place to start from, you’re cutting out a big part of the design hurdle!

  •  Those that have awesome content, but no one is noticing

Design matters if you want to get noticed. Once you're noticed, it’s up to your content to actually rock peoples socks off. BUT if your content rocks and you just can’t seem to grab people—this product is for you. These templates are designed to get you noticed... they are designed for CLICKS!

  •  Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need Canva for Work (paid Canva account)?

Nope you don’t need Canva for Work. Everything contained in the original template file is FREE for both canva and canva pro users which also means all the elements fall under the extended use canva licensing and can be used for paid products as well regardless of if you're using Canva Pro or Free Canva.

Can I use these to create paid products?

Yes! 100% yes!! I want you to be able to create digital products to grow and monetize your blog and I’m a firm believer that the best way to do this is through creating and selling your own products. Please DO NOT resell these templates as your own templates or share them with others that haven’t purchased the toolkit.

Are these just for Canva?

Yes! Canva does not operate with files like adobe products. These are direct links that you’ll get access to that will open directly in Canva. Just Click the edit button and get designing!

How hard are these templates to edit?

I wouldn't say they are super hard to edit, however manipulating the layout and elements does take some getting used to. I have created support videos to help you learn exactly how to open and edit them in the best, most time-efficient way!

Can my VA use these templates?

Yep! Your VA can use them, but please ensure they are only using them to make products for you.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get the toolkit?

Not unless you choose to add your own paid images or clipart to your templates. Everything in the orignial template file is FREE for both Canva Pro and Free Canva users and a lot of grids have been utilized for drag-and-drop capabilites.

Is my payment secure?

Your security is extremely important to me. I have partnered with Stripe and Paypal to process payments through teachable, both provide secure encryption to ensure your transaction are 100% protected.

Are you ready to create professionally designed graphics that will get you more traffic, more income, and cohesive brand? You know.. WITHOUT the time + headache of figuring it out yourself OR the expense of hiring a designer!