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The Five-Minute Brand

Create a brand that's perfectly YOU in just minutes with these professionally-designed Canva templates!


It's no secret that one of the first steps of starting a blog is to nail down your branding. However, the biggest problem we see bloggers make is that they can't get past it long enough to actually start creating content.

The "brand your blog" checkbox remains un-checked while they obsess about creating the perfect brand. They feel they simply can't move on until it's absolutely PERFECT. They spend weeks designing, tweaking, and getting opinions from other bloggers in Facebook groups about their logo. They finally choose a version they like, and a week later, they're in Canva again.

Finally, they feel so frustrated that they start looking at branding services only to find out that it costs anywhere from $250-$5,000 to have a brand you love. Defeat.

There's an easier way!

First, we need to tell you some hard truths...

  • Getting stuck in the "branding perfectionism" phase isn't going to get you anywhere with your blog.
  • You will likely decide, at some point, that you want to shift your brand after you've discovered who you really want to be helping, and now you've wasted all the money you put into having someone design your brand for you.
  • Spending weeks tweaking your logo isn't going to improve your content, nor is it the be-all-end-all determination of a successful blog.
  • You'll soon realize that you don't just need a logo for your brand, but you need them for your products and courses too. The need for branding graphics doesn't go away once your blog is branded!


The Five-Minute Brand

Canva templates to simplify the branding process so you can have a brand you LOVE in just minutes!


How would creating a brand you love be different if you could...


Your brand personality should represent you and your vibe while attracting your tribe, but this is where the perfectionism paralysis comes in. It doesn't have to be so hard!


With done-for-you color and font combinations, choosing a brand will be easy. You'll also have everything you need if you choose to mix and match!


This is not just a logo kit. You'll have everything from email signatures, custom pin-it buttons, SO many graphics for your blog and so much more!


You'll NEVER have to feel like hiding your blog again because you think your brand screams "DIY" -- now, you'll want to show everyone!

Here's what you'll get with The Five-Minute Brand!

40 Complete Brand Boards with 3 logo variations, a color palette, font combo, inspiration images, and brand assets

40 Matching "About Me" templates for your sidebar and about page so you can welcome your readers in style

40 Category templates so you can organize your blog content and help your reader navigate your site

40 Branded pin-it templates with video instructions on how to set it up so people see it on an image hover

20 Eye-catching popular post templates for your side bar so you can direct traffic to your highest converting articles

20 Banner templates that you can use for your blog, newsletter, or wherever you'd like

40 Signature templates so you can connect with your reader in each blog post or email newsletter

15 Product/Affiliate recommendation tiles graphics to help monetize your blog

Video instructions and BONUSES included, so you truly have everything you need

Plus these bonuses!


Establish your brand by sharing quotes and testimonials on social media to connect and engage with your audience.


Organize your IG content in the most beautiful way with these branded highlight cover templates!


Post engaging and brand-building content in your stories with these easy-to-customize blank templates.

Here's what some bloggers had to say about our Five-Minute Brand...

"Simplifying DIY Design's templates solved a HUGE problem for me. I wasted so many hours trying to make my blog look halfway decent, and I couldn't afford a re-design. Now I don't even need one because I LOVE my blog's appearance!"

- Lauren (The Determined Dollar)

"I launched a new website and wasn't happy with my logo, so I immediately went to the logo templates. It was so easy to customize my new logo in Canva with the help of the templates. I'm so pleased with how my logo turned out and felt this was a big win and worth the cost alone!"

- Stephanie (Blog With Stephanie)

"As soon as I saw Simplifying DIY Design launch another product that helps me save time and money, I jumped on it! The new "Five Minute Brand" is amazing, just like all of their past products. I am a blogger of 5 years but love updating images when I can, and their templates always help my brand stay fresh and new. Within one hour, I made a new email signature, created new IG stories using their bonus templates, and downloaded every template they offered! Highly recommend!!"

- Rebecca (Proud Police Wife)

Get a sneak peek at the exact tools and templates inside our Five-Minute Brand!

Imagine feeling truly in love with your brand. Colors and fonts are no longer a roadblock, and creating beautiful graphics is faster than ever!

How would you feel if you no longer felt like hiding behind your blog? How would your business grow if you were proud to show off your site because it no longer looks DIY? Believe it or not, ad companies care what your site looks like, and so do companies hiring for brand partnerships!

You don't have to spend thousands or waste months of your time trying to get your blog branding right! You don't need to let this hold you back!

Here's the thing...

We're not here to tell you that if your brand isn't perfect, you won't be successful and that your blog won't grow. More often than not, we see bloggers hold themselves back from just getting started simply because they can't get past the obsession with perfect branding.

Instead, we want you to get it done and out there so you can start growing your business! we want you to feel proud of your brand and be excited to share it with the world, completely confident in YOUR brand (even though no one will ever guess it was DIY)!

Here's what just a few of the thousands of bloggers who've been using our designs over the years had to say...

Brand your blog fast!

We know that one of the biggest things that hold bloggers back is design, which is why we LOVE creating easy-to-use tools like templates to help people. We want you to be able to create a brand you LOVE and be able to do it affordably and in minimal time.


We've Got Answers For You

Do I need Canva Pro?

While it's not required, we highly recommend it (at least for downloading your logo with a transparent background and in the highest quality possible). You can always sign up for a free trial and downgrade after you finish. That is if you don't fall in love with it!

Are these JUST for Canva?

Yes! Currently, the Five-Minute Brand ONLY includes a Canva version for all of the templates.

I've never used Canva before, is this for me?

There are video instructions for editing templates included in the Five-Minute Brand, but we usually recommend being at least a little familiar with the Canva platform. Grab our complete Canva course, Confidently Canva now for 50% off!

I'm not a blogger. Is this for me?

Branding is something that pretty much any business owner needs (especially one with a website and online presence), and while the other templates in the Five-Minute Brand are geared towards a blog (such as blog category templates and sidebar graphics), they can potentially be used on any website and in many different ways. Templates are so versatile!

Can I use these for VA work?

No. You can not use these logos to create logos for other people, these are for your blog only. However, you can use them for multiple sites if you own more than one.

Can my VA use them?

Yes, you can have your VA use these templates to create logos and images for you (and you only). Your VA may not use them for themselves or other clients.

I have the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit, are these the same templates?

Nope! While the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit contains some of the same types of images, these designs are unique to the Five-Minute Brand and include many more options.

Is my payment safe?

Your security is extremely important to us. We have partnered with Stripe and PayPal to process payments through ThriveCart. Both provide secure encryption to ensure your transaction is 100% protected.  


Finally, create a brand that's perfectly YOU!

If you're ready to create a complete, professional brand in less time (and for 1/10th the price of just a logo design), then grab the Five-Minute Brand Now!