The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!!


A done-for-you product creation system you can use to create and launch every product

Creating a product without a system in place is like trying to get my strong-willed toddler to brush his teeth.  

It’s going to be frustrating and likely involves some kicking and screaming.  

You know you want to have a product.  

But how do you make it happen? What if no one buys it?  

Products can be scary but they don't have to be!

This is it. You are putting yourself out there and it can be terrifying.  

Not to mention, the design part can be incredibly overwhelming.  

It’s not just the product that needs to be designed. It’s the ads, the promotions, the pre-launch content, and more.  

Just thinking about it makes you sweat. You start feeling that nasty ball of terror swell up from your stomach into your throat. What if you can’t figure this out for yourself?  

Whos got time for trial and error anyway? Honestly, just finding time for implementation is hard enough. All those courses you bought are still sitting in your email, barely touched because you just don't have the time!  

I sure didn’t have time when started with my very first blog.

I was omg-so-overwhelmed. I was a new mom, I just started a blog, and we were struggling financially. I needed to make this work and all the gurus were telling me digital products were what I needed to do. 

So I brainstormed, whipped one up -- Guess what happened?


I didn’t understand why it didn’t sell, but then again I wasn’t confident enough (nor did I really know HOW) to really put it out there either. There was no launch, no promotion, no nothing.

I assumed I was terrible at products and ditched the idea completely. 

Fast forward 2 years and I'm now making a FULL TIME income from products alone!

I want to simplify this process for you-- to save you time and eliminate the overwhelm! This is why I created the Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox-- a done for you solution to creating and launching a product.  

Take a peek inside the ultimate toolbox! 


When I decided to give product creation another shot, I learned everything I could. I combined my knowledge of design and marketing with product creation and launching. I dragged myself through my very first real launch and generated just under $11k in 7 days! 

This was not without a lot of stress, and a lot of lessons. 

There are SO many moving pieces to a successful product launch-- Figuring out what product your audience will actually buy and then creating it is only HALF the battle. SELLING it is another story.

There is a easier way, I promise.

Maybe some of this gives you that been-there-done-that feeling...

"I am so frustrated at the lack of TIME I have to actually do this"

I totally get this. As someone with a TWO toddlers on my lap at almost all times, I can absolutely relate. This is why the surveys, product outlines, product creation + launching trello board systems, product design, advertisements, promo graphics, sales page, and launch sequences are DONE in TEMPLATE FORMAT for you to fill in the blanks and get it done (in less time) every single step of the way.

"I don't know what to make or if my audience will even buy it"

I get it. You've tried and tried to think of a unique idea for your audience and even if you did-- you're not confident anyone will buy it. I was SURE no one would buy my very first product but I was wrong-- the product sales I made from that ONE product alone replaced the income from my nursing job. You can't afford to not have confience in your products. Luckily I've done the market research for you in 13 top niches and have a list of over 320+ product ideas that you can make in your own unique way for your own audience.

"I can't SELL"

Copywriting. Sales sequences. Sales pages. Targetting. It's confusing and it's hard. But here is the truth: the way you SELL your product can make or break it. I've spent a rediculous amount of time and energy learning all I can about "selling". I'm breaking it down in easy to digest lessons, actionable worksheets that you can use everytime you need to write sales copy, and templates to use as a jumping off point. 

The truth is that creating digital products was the single thing that brought me from my blog being an expensive hobby to full time income!

Not only do products help you generate income but they aso help your audience by delivering value and solving their problems. You NEVER have to feel salesy when you work to deliver the most value possible. 

Creating the product is only half the battle!

Once I created my product, I knew I did NOT want to have a repeat of the epic failure of my first-ever product. I needed this to be a real launch. But it was my FIRST launch and I had a lot of learning to do. 

I created some promotional images and set up my pre-launch content and pre-launch challenge.  

I'm excited to say that my pre-launch campaign was so powerful that it not only doubled my email list but people were actually excited to buy my product before it was even live!

My launch was successful and I quickly learned that it's HARD to continue selling an evergreen product. I figured out how to set it on autopilot and once that was done, it started generating me consistent income every single month. 

This all took a ton of time, a ton of frustration, and a LOT of learning curve. I quickly developed a system so that I would be able to repeat this easily for each and every product, and it's been a total game changer! 

Here are 4 of the biggest product mistakes I see from bloggers...

#1. They don’t validate their product idea.  

Posting a poll in a facebook group is not the same as validating your product idea with your target market. I see this mistake often! Market research is complicated. There are actually two types of market research:  

1. Quantitative Marketing Research  

2. Qualitative Marketing Research  

My system uses both of these marketing research techniques (in a easy to understand way) in order to find the perfect product and so that we can sell it effectively to our audience.  

#2. They don’t know where to start.  

I get it, product creation is beyond overwhelming. Having a system in place that not only works for you, but also walks you through the process of creating and launching a product with everything in place in the order it needs to be done is key!  

#3. They don’t know how to design it.  

I get it. Not every blogger has graphic design skill or knowledge. In fact, most are writers and they love to write. It's what they are good at! The thing is, writing alone isn't making them money. Online business takes more. It takes marketing, product creation, keyword research, etc. This is why this toolbox includes over 340+ pages of product design templates (in addition to SO MANY other types of editable templates to help you put it all together, promote, and advertise your product)

#4. They don’t have a pre-launch plan.  

OR they skip pre-launch all together! Pre-launch is SUPER important, even for smaller products. It gets people EXCITED, it motivates them to take action and it helps them remember WHY they need this particular problem solved once and for all! Creating a pre-launch plan and sticking to it makes all the difference! 

#5. They don’t have a launch plan.  

Launch time can get overwhelming and messy really easily. If I don't follow my plan then I get overwhelmed with all there is to do and I don't do it.  

The thing is, the system that works for me requires breaking everything down so much that it LOOKS like a lot. I have to remind myself that it's NOT actually as much as it seems. In actuality-- it's tiny steps that don't take a ton of time and as I cross them off, I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line. That's what this toolbox does-- breaks everything down so you can be sure you don't miss a single step.

This toolbox will keep your launch as organized as possible, making sure you have a plan you can stick to. 


Take a moment to imagine a world where you could...

Know exactly what to make for your audience.  

Using the 3 done-for-you surveys, step by step instructions for analyzing the results, and done-for-you market research from 13 different niches and over 320+ product ideas- you will never have to wonder what you're creating next. This system focuses on a method that will allow you to generate and validate your idea so you can have a successful launch!

Design a beautiful product in less time without hiring a designer

With 15 different types of beautifully designed-for-you products and over 320+ pages of templates in available in Canva AND Adobe, you will be able to format and design your product in a fraction of the time and headache WITHOUT having to master design or higher a designer. You'll also get designed-for-you templates to help you set up your platform (such as Teachable, Thinkific, and Shopify if needed), promo graphics/advertisements, and more!

Have a launch plan that you don't have to second guess.  

Never wonder again if you are missing someting in your upcoming launch. You will have everything laid out for you in an easy to implement system. Trello boards, sample calendars, and due dates will help you stay accountable and take the overwhelm out of the launch process.  

Know exactly what to say.  

Knowing what to say and how to actually SELL can make or break your product. With copywriting lessons, copy templates for your sales page + launch sequence, and an actionable workbook- you will not only know your avatar inside and out but you will know exactly how to speak their language so they KNOW that your product was made for them!


The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!!

THE complete product creation hack for creating and launching products over and over while keeping your sanity and serving your audience.


Let's take a look inside!


Know exactly what to ask your audience and when so that you can create the perfect product


Market research in 13 different niches and over 320+ product ideas. 


15 different product styles and over 320+ pages of product templates allow you to design every type of product imaginable!


Platform templates (teachable, thinkific, and shopify) will help you set up your product. Promo templates will help you sell it!


A done-for-you, step by step launch system will ensure you don't miss a single thing with your upcoming launch


Copywriting lessons and templates will help you know exactly what to say and when to say it. Plus there's SO MUCH MORE....

Let's take a look....

Over 325+ pages of beautifully designed products

  •  5 Styles of Workbooks/Study Guide (45 pages of templates)
  •  5 Styles of Eboks (45 pages of templates)
  •  15 Styles of Slide Decks (75 pages of templates)
  •  5 Styles of Instructonal Products (25 pages of templates- great for recipes, crafts, etc)
  •  5 Styles of Journals/Letter Style (25 pages of templates)
  •  5 Styles of Planners (45 pages of templates)

Extra pages to mix and match:

  •  20 Cover designs
  •  10 Chart pages
  •  10 Checklist pages
  •  5 Tracker pages
  •   20 Picture layout pages

Even MORE templates!

  •  3 Survey tempates
  •  8 Product outlne templates
  •  8 Product outline Trello board templates
  •  Trello board launch system template
  •  Affilate Center copy templates
  •  Promo/Advertisment templates (10 Pinterest, 10 Facebook, 10 Instagram, 10 Twitter, 10 Leaderboard ads, 10 Sidebar ads
  •  Platform templates (10 Thinkific, 10 Teachable, 10 Shopify)
  •  Sales page copy template
  • Long form and short form sales page templates for both Elementor and LeadPages
  •  Launch sequence copy tempate

A step-by-step workbook to help you work through the product creation and launch process every single time

The workbook includes actionable assignments that will help you work through each and every product and launch. The workbook can be printed or used on your computer, it's interactive and allows you to type and fill it in on the computer. 

Video lessons and tutorials

Not techy? No problem! I'll show you exactly HOW to do everything with screen-share videos and tutorials. Templates will also include tutorials in order to show you the best way to edit them with your choosen platform (ALL templates, including Google doc/forms, Canva, and Adobe)

AND right now you can get it fo 20% OFF!


What people are saying about The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox...

"Kara, to say that you have helped me is a complete understatement. In the last three years of trying to be a money making blogger I have been running in circles. I’ve gone through course after course after course, learning everything I possibly can, but nowhere in all the “Email is where the money is!” did anyone tell/show me how to actually create the product and move forward in a course that’s easy to understand and implement. I have made leaps and bounds since purchasing the Ultimate Creators Toolbox and feel like the sky is the limit now with what I can do. The goals that I set out for myself years ago actually feel like ones I can achieve. Thank you, really. Thank you." - Danielle from Mommy With a Hobby or Two

"Thank you Kara for the Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox. We launched our first mainstream product and your toolkit made it possible. Your templates not only gave us a starting point, it made the entire process from beginning to end so much easier. What we love most is the flexibility to make it our own. As a result of using your templates for our sales page, product itself, graphics and email sequence, our first product launch resulted in a 20% conversion rate. We cannot thank you enough." Andre and Timberley Gray from Living Our Priorities

"I just finished creating my very first product using the Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox!! I honestly never believed I could create anything, and could not have done it without Kara’s templates. They make designing SO easy and fast. And there are templates for everything you could possibly need - from creating just about any type of product, to Pinterest pins and Facebook ads, and TONS more. I still can’t believe Kara made so many templates for us!  

Besides all the templates, what surprised me the most was the step-by-step STRATEGY in the Toolbox. The course walks you through exactly how to figure out what your audience wants, the process of creating a product, launching it, creating sales funnels, and more. I was honestly blown away by the sheer amount of value Kara provided. I can’t think of anything else you’d need!  

Also, the video tutorials are GOLD; I’ve watched them over and over. It is abundantly clear that Kara really wants us to succeed. She’s always super helpful and present in the Facebook group too, and never makes you feel dumb for asking a question.  

You simply cannot go wrong with this course. It truly is the 'ultimate toolbox.' I will be using it for each and every product I create until the end of time!" - Rebecca Benson from Unexpectedly Domestic

Bonuses Make Everything Better!

Everyone likes bonuses.. SO, not only are you going to get a step-by-step, done for you system for creating and launching a product but you'll also get...

Bonus #1. After the Launch: Steps to Take After Each and Every Launch ($67 Value, Yours FREE)

Evaluate, analyze, and optimize every single product. Product launches are a great learning opporuntity. Using this guide to caluclate conversions, analyze what went well (and what didn't) and make a solid plan for improvement and optimization will help increase sales every single time.

Bonus #2. Automating Your Evergreen Product: Sales Funnel Workbook ($97 Value, Yours FREE)

This workbook will walk you through every single aspect of adding your evergreen product to a sales funnel that makes money on autopilot. Launches are a LOT of work and evergreen products are hard to "keep selling". Automating it helps you set and forget it so that you can make more money with less work.

Bonus #3. The Income Generating Buyer Journey Workbook ($67 Value, Yours FREE)

The Income Generating Buyer Journey Workbook is the ultimate guide for optimizing your blog and freebies to attract the right person at the right time. Strategically creating the perfect content for each step in their journey is the BEST way to increase sales and make every launch bigger and better!

Bonus #4. Lifetime Access + Updates

You will have access to all the material and templates FOREVER. The system will be updated as needed and you will have lifetime access to those updates as well.

Who is this product creators toolbox for?

  •  Those that want to create products

This product is meant to help you create and launch products. It is geared toward digital products but can also be used to design physical products as well. In addition, the templates can also easily be used for lead magnets and tripwire products. 

  •  Those that want to save time

Implementation takes a lot of time. ANYTHING that I could have done for you, is already done. From surveys, outlines, Trello boards, product designs, promos, mockups, and so much more. This product is meant to save time in creating and launching a product so you can actually get it DONE and launched!

  •  Those that don't know how to "sell it"

Copywriting is just as important as design! I will break down exactly how to talk to your avatar, how to hit those pain points, and how to sell that product without being salesy.

  •  Those that want a step-by-step system to follow

Stop wondering where to start, what to do next, and what you're missing. You will have everything you need to create, launch, optimize, and automate your product in a step-by-step system that can be adapted to any type of launch or product and be used over and over again.

  •  Those that like to design in Canva or Adobe

All the templates included are in Canva format. The product templates are ALSO available in Adobe InDesign and the other templates (promos, mockups etc) are in Adobe Photoshop. The templates come with video tutorials to show you how to edit them. The Canva and Adobe versions are near-identical and allows anyone at any skill level to use them. You should be familiar with either Canva or Adobe to use these templates. 

What people are saying about Kara from Simplifying DIY Design...

"I had the idea for my workbook all mapped out but getting it on paper seemed like a daunting task. Using Kara’s template I was able to complete it in a fraction of the time. It was well laid out and gave me tons of ideas on how to best present my information. So happy I found this resource!” - Taran from Undomestic Mom

"Kara’s products have helped me take the fear out of designing freebies and even products. Just having her templates helped me realize how much I could create for my readers. Her built in Canva tips have also saved me HOURS in time I would have spent searching for design workarounds." Mattie from Growing The Givens

"Can I just brag about how awesome Kara's templates are? I COMPLETED a 35 page Hiking/Camping/Road Trip Journal & Planner that is now for sale on my website and Etsy in a a day and a half. These templates are amazing and because of the way they are created, I can make them completely on-brand for my business. I knocked out a second set that is with a minimalist design in another day. Less than two days and I have a COMPLETED product for sale." Annette from Van Adieu

"I am graphically challenged and took forever to make anything in Canva. Kara's templates have made it so easy to create my Pinterest pins, opt-ins, and even my first product. I would be wasting so much time without Kara!” - Rebecca from Financially Minded Millennial

"Kara's templates have solved a significant blogging problem for me! Offering my readers freebies and printables was a frustrating and difficult task before I found her template kit. Now I am able to access an already designed template and edit it to my liking and to my reader's taste. Highly recommended!" Randi from A Fresh Squeezed Life

"Kara's a design genius! I love the way she makes complicated designs so simple. Her templates are beautiful, and she's brilliant at teaching you step-by-step exactly how to use them. She can even make things that take hours (like creating the perfect line in Canva) super easy with a five-second hack. I only wish I had found her sooner!" Alison from Organized Motherhood

  •  Frequently Asked Questions

What format is this course?

This product is multi-format including text lessons, video lessons, tutorials, workbook, and editable templates. The course is heavily focused on done-for-you templates that walk you through a product creation system step by step but teaches the strategy behind each step as well. 

Do you need Canva Pro (paid Canva account)?

Nope you don’t need Canva Pro. 

Can I use these to create paid products?

Yes! 100% yes!! This is, in fact, the whole point of the product! All elements used in the templates fall under an extended license and can be used for commerical use. If you add images to your templates, you'll want to ensure they can be used in paid products. 

What is timeline like?

This course is completely self-paced because this product is a made in a way that you can create ANY kind of product (ebooks, workbooks, COURSES, and so much more) and all of those things take a different length of time. I do teach you how to create a schedule for yourself so you can set due dates and stay on task to get things done. The benefit of breaking down your tasks and working backwards to create a schedule will help you customize your timeline to fit YOUR life and your product.

Are these just for Canva?

NO! ALL these templates have ADOBE versions as well as Canva. The product templates are Adobe InDesign format. The platform (Teachable, and Thinkific) are Adobe InDesign, Shopify graphics/mockups are Adobe Photoshop. The promo graphics/advertisements and mockups are in Adobe Photoshop format. Again, each and every template is also available in Canva.

How about the other templates?

The survey templates are available in Google Forms. The product outlines, and copy-related templates are in Google Docs OR Microsoft Word formats. There are also Trello board templates. Google drive and Trello are 100% FREE programs and do not require additional purchase to use. There is one spreadsheet that is available in Google Sheets and Excel.

Can my VA use these templates?

Yep! Your VA can use them, but please ensure they are only using them to make products for you

I have the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit and/or your workshops, do I already have these templates?

Nope, these are completely different templates. Every page of these tempates is unique so you can mix and match with any of the styles from any of the templates for your product. 

What is the difference between the Complete Blogger Template Toolkit and the Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox?

They are actually two totally different products! The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit is just templates, there’s no learning or strategy involved and it includes templates for all things blogging like graphics for your blog (about me graphics, popular post graphics for your side bar, newsletter signature etc), social media headers and graphics for blog posts, and then lead magnet/product type pages like worksheet pages, checklists etc.  

The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox is a "templatized"version of my entire product creation system/strategy. In addition to full product templates (listed above) there’s learning involved and templates for the surveys, product outlines, sales pages, launch sequences, pre launch opt in page etc. that I use each time I create a digital product. This product is geared for product creation alone (although the product templates can be used for lead magnets if you want). It's meant to be a tool you can open and walk through each time you need to create a product.  

None of the templates are the same so you could potentially have both products with no cross over in designs. Also, The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit is only available for Canva users right now whereas The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox has Canva and Adobe templates.

Is my payment secure?

Your security is extremely important to me. I have partnered with Stripe and Paypal to process payments through Teachable, both provide secure encryption to ensure your transaction are 100% protected.

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