Mega Pin Creators Bundle:

60 Canva + PicMonkey Pin Design Templates to Drive Conversions!


60 Professionally designed Canva + PicMonkey pin templates to drive traffic to your blog posts, opt-in pages, sales pages, and more!


Never before seen pinterest templates for creating ALL THE PINS for your blog or business! This amazing variety of styles provides the PERFECT jumping off point for creating pins that will drive traffic to you blog posts, opt-in pages, sales pages, and so much more! The opportunities on Pinterest are endless for ANY ONLINE BUSINESS!


Easy to edit and customize to match your brand perfectly!!


Pins are QUICKEST way to drive traffic to any page! Whether it be a blog post, sales page, or even an Etsy shop! If you aren't using Pinterest to it's full advantage then you're leaving money on the table.

Thousands of bloggers have been using my designs successfully on pinterest over the past few years! Check out some of their stories...

Brittany from Our Home Made Easy is always knocking it out of the park with her pins. Shes makes a full time income from ad revenue alone because of the traffic she drives to her blog from Pinterest! Her secret is creating many new pins for not only blog posts but her opt-ins and products as well! Here's an email she sent me just the other day...

Elena from Making Midlife Matter says, "I always considered myself a pretty good pin designer but Kara’s templates have taken my game to another level! They are so easy to customize and super quick to make. I change the fonts and colours and voila! My pins now get immediate attention and whereas before, they were a mishmash, now they are branded and I am so proud to put my logo on them." 

Here's an example of some of the pins shes been able to make and notice how well branded they are!! 

Any online marketer KNOWS that the secret to Pinterest is NEW NEW NEW! It's NO secret that Pinterest loves new content and new images. Templates make it super quick and easy to create multiple pins per post or item of content. 

Online marketers ALSO know that once Pinterest grabs a hold of a pin they love, it can drive consistent traffic for months (even years!) This is exactly what has happened to me and also my friend, Chrissie. 

Chrissie from Joy Through Chaos says that these 4 pins drive 70-80% of her traffic! How amazing is that?

Chrissie went from about 2k pageviews to just under 10k in only THREE MONTHS when she created these pins!! 

I am NOT new to the graphic design world! I've worked with various brands such as Jennifer Maker and Busy Budgeter doing custom graphic design and have a certification in Graphic Design. During my very first live design challenge, Jennifer Maker used my pin templates to create some new pins for old posts and here's what she said....

Get a sneak peak at the 60 Pin templates that are included in the Mega Pin Creators Bundle!

You'll get a variety of pin templates including:

  •  Single image background pins
  •  Multi-image background pins
  •  Collage style pins
  •  Drag and drop product promo placements
  •  List style pins (with a spot for numbers)
  •  Pins with CTA spots

Hey there! I'm Kara and my passion is to design graphics that convert!!

I'm Kara! I've been certified in graphic design for over 10 years and I've worked with bloggers and online business owners to create graphics that convert! Currently there are thousands of bloggers using my templates to create pins, products, lead magnets, and more! I'm also a full-time blogger that specializes in combining my knowledge of graphic design with online marketing. My passion is to create graphics that convert and providing them in template form for you to use over and over in your business!

I learned almost immediately in the blogging world that the only way to see success is consistent execution of the tasks that create the most amount of forward business movement in the least amount of time. Templates are your secret weapon for this! 

I don't use Canva templates, are they available in any other format?

YES! These Pinterest pin templates are available in BOTH Canva and PicMonkey! However, they do NOT work with Photoshop. You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE CANVA PRO TO USE THE TEMPLATES!

How can I add my own images?

All of these templates are fully drag and drop- you'll have layouts done for you and you'll just drag and drop your stock photos and product photos in the appropriate places. 

Can I edit these to match my brand?

Yes!! All of the templates can be 100% edited to match your brand and your content! You can change fonts, colors, you can even shift the objects and layout as needed.

I'm a VA can I use these templates?

Yes!! You can use these templates for your clients, I only ask that you don't give the client access to the original template file that you purchased :-)

Can I have my VA use these to design my pins?

Yep! You absoluetly can! Please make sure the VA understands that these files are only to be used by them for your pin designs (not their other clients)

Are you ready to jump in and start creating new pins like a machine?!

Templates are the BEST jumping off point. Designed in a wide variety of styles and for wide variety of purposes, you'll be able to crank out new pins in a FRACTION of the time. Fully editable to match your brand and easy to edit-- you'll be driving effortless traffic to blog posts, opt-in pages, sales pages, shop pages and more!!