THE HOLIDAY TEMPLATE TOOLKIT: Canva templates for your seasonal content


175+ editable Canva templates for your seasonal content to help you leverage Q4 traffic for maximum growth!


Q4 is the perfect time to skyrocket your email list, blog traffic, AND income with the right content, promotions, and funnels. Use these Canva templates to help you create seasonal social media images, Pinterest pins, lead magnets, and even digital products for you to sell!


This toolkit is perfect for you if...

  • You struggle to get your seasonal content out BEFORE it's trending so that it has time to gain authority on search engines
  • You're tired of wasting time creating seasonal designs that, no matter what you do, don't look professional
  • You want to leverage Pinterest's newest algorithm update by consistently publishing fresh, new pin designs

Get a sneak peek at the exact templates inside our Holiday Template Toolkit!


Use these social media and Pinterest pin templates to promote and drive traffic to your blog posts as well as grow your social platforms.


Use these page templates to create lead magnets and digital products to grow your email list and leverage Q4 traffic for more income.


Use these video Pinterest pin templates to promote and drive traffic to your blog posts, landing pages, paid products, and more.


Use these promotional social media and Pinterest pin templates to drive traffic to your new lead magnets and digital products. You can also use them on your blog and sales pages as well!


Use these templates for all your seasonal promotions, lead magnets, and even PAID products and tripwires!

Brittany from Our Home Made Easy used our Holiday Template Toolkit to promote her seasonal lead magnet and tripwire.

Those stats are just a few days of being on Pinterest. And, she started growing her list by over 200 subscribers PER DAY!

Not only was she growing her list, but she was making sales from her tripwire product.

With this toolkit, she was able to batch create a ton of pins in minimal time, just in time for the holidays.

In addition to funnel revenue, Brittany also leverages her Q4 traffic with seasonal content and pins. The fourth quarter is the best time to capitalize on all of these income streams!

Here's what just a few of the thousands of bloggers who've been using our designs over the years had to say...

Any online marketer knows that the secret to Pinterest is FRESH AND NEW! 

Online marketers ALSO know that once Pinterest grabs a hold of a pin they love, it can drive consistent traffic for months (even years!) resulting in regular email sign-ups and sales from digital products and affiliate sales! This is exactly what has happened to our friend, Chrissie. 

Chrissie from Joy Through Chaos says that only 4 pins drive 70-80% of her traffic going from about 2k pageviews to just under 10k in only THREE MONTHS!

I cannot say enough good about Simplifying DIY Design’s templates. They have taken my graphics from cartoonish and hard to read to professional and eye-catching.  

It doesn’t matter what you need templates for in your blogging journey. Their templates cover it and make you look better than you can possibly imagine.  

At this point, I buy everything they create because I know I’ll use it some day and the investment more than pays for itself. The only thing better than the templates is the way they walk you through how to use them. Even a tech-challenged blogger like me can follow along and create amazing projects!

- Karen from Moving Toward Better

Everything Simplifying DIY Design creates is FANTASTIC! It’s like they know exactly what you need before you even realize you were missing it in your life. I am very particular about who I purchase from, but as soon as they mention that they have something new in the works, I’m reaching for my credit card.

It doesn’t even matter what they're making because I know that it will be useful for me in my business. They're just that good!! Their products are priced to make them accessible to everyone, but they ALWAYS over deliver on quality and thoroughness. So do yourself a favor and become part of this membership. You will be so glad that you did!  

- Jennifer from Happy Teacher Mama

Before I started buying EVERYTHING Simplifying DIY Design has to offer, I struggled A LOT with design. Like a lot, a lot! My pins, graphics, worksheets, and all around style for my business was all over the place and I hated it all. When I finally found Simplifying DIY Design and all their greatness, my business changed forever.  

I am not creative at all. Their templates gave me a starting point and really helped me make better graphics while still making them my own. I now have clear consistent design across my blog, social media, and website.  

Once I started using their pins, my traffic went up 400%! Seriously, my traffic was stuck forever and once I used their pins, it skyrocketed!  

In addition to their pin templates, I also used their product templates which make my life so easy. I’m able to knock out new freebies, products, and worksheets so fast and with a consistent beautiful design.  

My email list has more than doubled since using their checklists and workbook templates. I was only getting around 30-40 opt-ins a day and now I consistently grow by 100+ a day. Their templates help save me time, sanity and help make me MONEY!!!  

- Ashley from Budgets Made Easy  

I don't use Canva. Are they available in any other format? Do I need Canva Pro?

Nope! These Canva templates are ONLY FOR CANVA! They do NOT work in PicMonkey or Photoshop. And, you DO NOT need to have Canva Pro to use these templates.

Can I use these to create paid products?

Yes! Our #1 goal for you is always GROWTH which is why we encourage our students to use our designs to create paid products. All elements used in the design templates are for commercial use as well (but can be swapped out for your own elements, of course).

Can I edit these to match my brand?

Yes! All of these templates can be 100% edited to match your brand and your content. You can change fonts, and colors, and can even shift the objects and layout as needed.

I'm a VA. Can I use these templates?

Yes! You can use these templates for your clients. We only ask that you don't give the client access to the original template file that you purchased.

Can I have my VA use these to design my projects?

Yes! Please make sure your VA understands that these files are only to be used by them for your designs (and not for additional clients).

Are you ready to leverage your seasonal content to grow your blog with eye-catching designs, lead magnets, and even paid products?