Plan your seasonal content BEFORE it's trending!

Get ahead of content trends to leverage your blog posts for faster growth. 💰

This one-page planning sheet will keep you motivated this holiday season by helping you map out your perfect seasonal content BEFORE it's trending!

Plus, get access to 40+ Canva design templates and resources to use throughout your blog!

What can fourth quarter do for you?

Regardless of niche, Q4 can be AMAZING for substantial traffic, email sign-ups, and income! You just need to plan the right content at the RIGHT time, so your content is available for your audience exactly when they need it.

This planning sheet will give you...

  • Space to plan to get your seasonal content out BEFORE it's trending so that it has time to gain authority on search engines
  • The ability to set actionable goals that will keep you motivated during the holiday season
  • Space to organize your freebies so that you can give your email list a serious boost
  • Space to plan affiliate or product promotions so that you can leverage the "shopping season" for increased revenue

As an ADDED bonus, you'll get...

  • A holiday gift guide Canva template that you can customize and give your audience not only to help them shop during the holiday season but also encourage revenue from affiliate and product sales
  • Access to our library of FREE Canva templates that you can use for pin creation, social media promotion, freebie design and so much more
  • Access to additional seasonal content that will help you design your seasonal products, freebies, and social media graphics all year long

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