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New, exclusive design templates every month that help you stay ahead of content trends so you can leverage your blog posts, lead magnets, and products for faster growth!



Not only will you recieve brand new pin and social media designs, you'll also get new page designs each and every month that are tailored to content trends. Meaning, you can stay AHEAD of those trends and leverage them for more traffic, more sign ups, and more sales. 

This subscription is perfect for you if...

  • You struggle sticking to a content plan that allows you to actually get the right content out BEFORE it's trending so that it has time to gain authority on search engines
  • You struggle thinking past "what posts to write that will get the most traffic" and don't quite know how to leverage seasonal trends for the biggest impact
  • You get overwhlemed with "all the things" and know that having a plan would help but you struggle to stick to it or stay ahead of it
  • You love having fresh designs because you KNOW pinterest loves fresh and NEW!
  • You just really love Canva templates and can NOT get enough of them!

Here's the thing!

I've never been a planner. I was the kid that didn't do the assignment until the day before it was due. 

Procrastinator to my core. 

When I started blogging I continued struggling with this. I'd write about what was trending at the time. I couldn't stay ahead of the content if it meant saving my life. 

My posts, my freebies, my social media content: none of it flowed. It was random and didn't do much for me at all! Plus, I was ALWAYS thinking about what to write.

It wasn't until much later that I figured out what worked for me.

All bloggers know the best way to see faster growth is by staying ahead of the content trends and creating the RIGHT content for the right people at the right time.  

I created this program so that bloggers could stay ahead of these trends and NOT just with their blog posts and pin traffic! I want you to create freebies and products too so you can get more traffic, more sign-ups, and more sales!


Here's how it works!


Each month you'll sign into Teachable where there will be new links for new templates. You'll click on them and add them to your Canva account. Instructions for how to do this are inside the program and I'll show you how to make folders to keep your designs organized too!


Once the templates are in your Canva account, you'll have access to them FOREVER. However, since new templates will be added monthly, you'll need to save the new templates to your Canva account within 60 days before they expire. For example, January’s templates will expire when March templates are released, so you’ll need to log in to Teachable and save each template to your Canva account in order to continue using them.  

This means that ONLY the people IN the program at the time will have access to these templates (meaning, people who join later won't be able to access the previous months’ templates) and THAT means they will be super exclusive and unique!


Start editing!! You can take the content trend ideas and jump right in making them unique to your brand OR you can use the templates for whatever you want. You'll get social media designs and page designs so you can create your entire month of blog posts, freebies, and even products if you want to make a tripwire funnel (or other kinds of product funnels)

Get a sneak peek at the types of templates you'll get every month with our DiyDesign Creators Vault!


You'll be able to use these to promote and drive traffic to your your blog posts as well as grow your social platforms. At minimum you can expect to see at least 10 new designs each month.


Each month, you'll get video pin versions of the pin template. You don't need Canva pro to use these. At minimum you can expect to see at least 5 new video pins each month.


You'll be able to use these to create lead magnets and digital products so you can grow your list and leverage content trends for more income. At minimum you can expect to see at least 10 new pages each month.


These will help you promote your new freebies to drive traffic to your opt ins and funnels. You can also use them on your blog and sales pages as well!

That means, each month you can expect:

  • Pin Designs in a Variety of Styles and Layouts
  • Page Designs for Freebies and Digital Products
  • Square Social Media Graphics for Facebook and Instagram
  • New templates every single month
  • Seasonally we create a "special request" from the community. Some of our special request templates include stories, social media headers, gift guide, media kits, and more! This varies each month and they are removed after 60 days as well keeping them exclusive to current members!

**Each month contains NEW designs! The designs you see on the sales page are examples of the types of designs you'll get each month.

Meet the Mockups!!

These will be PERFECT for promoting your lead mangets, courses, products, etc! I'll do all the editing for you to make them fit the template- ALL you have to do is drag in your product cover, change the colors and download! 

These templates are perfect for sales pages, ads, promotional graphics, and more! 

I didn't start effectively content planning until I started seeing the big picture!

When I got into launch scheduling, my content planning finally came together. I wasn’t waiting until last minute because the due date I created for myself was significantly earlier and it HAD to be earlier so I could be working on the next thing.  

This was because of what needed to be done BETWEEN the launches: list building (attracting the ideal buyer for the product), and content creation specific to the product. That all had to be done before the launch so that the launch itself was successful.  

I went from “Ok, it’s going to be Q4, I need to write a post about how bloggers can make a gift guide” to “I want to launch my holiday templates in September so I need to spend July and August making freebies and content that will attract the person that would benefit most from buying this." I was also able theme my emails and social media posts to reflect this as well.  

Not only did I NEVER have to think about what to "write next" but I was much more efficient at attracting a warm audience to the specific thing I was about to promote- even if it happened to be an affiliate product instead of my own.  

I wasn't just focused on the post or the traffic anymore, I was focused on the big picture and as a result I was able to generate a six-figure business without stressing about pageviews and algorithms. 

This is exactly why I created this Template of the Month program. I have the templates scheduled to be released to you when you need them so you can get your content out BEFORE it's trending. You'll be able to stay ahead of blog posts, freebies, and even digital products if it's a season you want to create an entire funnel for. That means more traffic, more sign-ups, and more SALES! 

You'll be able to STICK TO THE PLAN because you won't have to think about what's next-- everything you need will be right there ready for you! You'll be able to get your content out faster because the design part will be done-for-you. You'll also be able to stand out with fresh new designs that are WAY more exclusive than any other template product out there!  

Imagine NEVER having to wonder what you should be creating next?!

This program is designed to help take the overwhelm out of content creation and design for GOOD! PLUS you'll stand out even more with UNIQUE and professional templates!

Check out just SOME of our past designs in the DiyDesign Creators Vault!

*Note: Templates are removed from the vault 60 days after they're published which makes them much more exclusive to the members. Some of the designs you see may not be available upon purchase, this is just to give you an example of what has been created for my members in the past.

See what others have done!

See what others have to say about our templates...

Thousands of bloggers have been using our designs successfully over the past few years! Check out some of their stories...

Any online marketer KNOWS that the secret to Pinterest is FRESH AND NEW! 

Online marketers ALSO know that once Pinterest grabs a hold of a pin they love, it can drive consistent traffic for months (even years!) resulting in regular email sign ups and sales from digital products of affiliate products! This is exactly what has happened to me and also my friend, Chrissie. 

Chrissie from Joy Through Chaos says that these 4 pins drive 70-80% of her traffic! How amazing is that?

Chrissie went from about 2k pageviews to just under 10k in only THREE MONTHS when she created these pins using my designs!! 

I cannot say enough good about Kara’s templates. They have taken my graphics from cartoonish and hard to read to professional and eye-catching.  

It doesn’t matter what you need templates for in your blogging journey. Kara’s templates cover it and make you look better than you can possibly imagine.  

At this point, I buy everything she creates because I know I’ll use it some day and the investment more than pays for itself. The only thing better than the templates is the way Kara walks you through how to use them. Even a tech challenged blogger like me can follow along and create amazing projects! - Karen from Moving Toward Better

Everything Kara creates is FANTASTIC! It’s like she knows exactly what you need before you even realize you were missing it in your life. I am very particular about who I purchase from, but as soon as Kara mentions that she has something new in the works, I’m reaching for my credit card.  

It doesn’t even matter what she is making because I know that it will be useful for me in my business. She just that good!! Her products are priced to make them accessible to everyone, but they ALWAYS over deliver on quality and thoroughness. So do yourself a favor and become part of this membership. You will be so glad that you did!  

- Jennifer from Happy Teacher Mama

Before I started buying EVERYTHING Kara has to offer, I struggled A LOT with design. Like a lot, a lot!  

My pins, graphics, worksheets, and all around style for my business was all over the place and I hated it all.  

When I finally found Kara and all her greatness, my business changed forever.  

I am not creative at all. Her templates gave me a starting point and really helped me make better graphics while still making them my own.  

I now have clear consistent design across my blog, social media, and website.  

Once I started using her pins, my traffic went up 400%! Seriously, my traffic was stuck forever and once I used her pins, it skyrocketed!  

In addition to her pin templates, I also used her product templates which make my life so easy. I’m able to knock out new freebies, products, and worksheets so fast and with a consistent beautiful design.  

My email list has more than doubled since using her checklists and workbook templates. I was only getting around 30-40 opt-ins a day and now I consistently grow by 100+ a day.  

Her templates help save me time, sanity and help make me MONEY!!!  

- Ashley from Budgets Made Easy  

I don't use Canva templates. Are they available in any other format? Do I need Canva Pro?

Nope!! These Canva templates are ONLY FOR CANVA! They do not work in PicMonkey or Photoshop. You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE CANVA PRO TO USE THE TEMPLATES!

How can I add my own images?

All of these templates are fully drag and drop- you'll have layouts done for you and you'll just drag and drop your stock photos and product photos in the appropriate places. 

Can I turn these into graphics with video? Like video pins and ads?

YES!! I actually have a video on how to do this (for both free and paid canva users) inside the instruction area! Since the templates are drag-and-drop you can just upload your video and drag them onto the pin in the appropriate spot! This is great for craft, food, and tutorial style bloggers!

Can I edit these to match my brand?

Yes!! All of the templates can be 100% edited to match your brand and your content! You can change fonts, colors, you can even shift the objects and layout as needed.

Why is this so inexpensive?

It's true, when I was doing client work I generally charged $10 for ONE pin template and $25 for ONE page design template. Now you're getting all this for LESS than the cost of that one custom template. Of course, when you hire a designer, it takes a fair amount of time to custom create something specific to someone’s brand (and that designer will want to make sure they are getting paid for their time). Then, when you find you're in need of new/fresh designs (or needing to make changes/updates to your product), you're left having to hire it out again.

With this program, I'm looking for a win-win! YOU get new, fresh, and unique templates for a fraction of the cost and I get to help a small group of people on a recurring basis. Remember, these template designs are exclusive to ONLY the members of the program which means what YOU create with them will stand out even more! Plus, EVERYTHING can be matched to your brand simply by changing the fonts and colors. 

Can I use the page designs to create paid products?

Yes!! You absolutely can! My #1 goal for you is always GROWTH which is why I encourage my students to use my designs to create paid products. All elements used in the design templates are for commercial use as well (but can be swapped out for your own elements, of course).

How long will I have access to these templates?

Forever! However, you MUST copy these templates to your Canva account each month. You will continue to have access to them forever once they are in your Canva account but they will be removed from Teachable after 60 days of being released so that new members can't go back and download previous months.  

This will help the templates stay exclusive to the current members of this program! In other words, someone won't be able to join 6 months later, download all the templates and then cancel their membership while you paid for each of those months individually. It will also help reduce the amount of these specific templates being "out there" making them MUCH more unique :-)  

So, if new templates arrive on Jan 1, you will have until March 1 to copy them to your Canva account before they are removed from Teachable.

Can I cancel my membership if my situation changes?

Yes! You will continue to have access to the designs you've paid for up to the point of cancellation (as long as you've copied them to your Canva account) but you will no longer have access to new designs. You will also lose the rate that you locked if you originally signed up during a promotion.

What if I don't write about seasonal content or the content trends of that month don't fit my brand?

I strongly believe that regardless of your niche, you can find SOME way to tweak the content trend to fit your brand and your audience. For example, let's say the content trend is summer weddings and you're a finance blogger. You can write a post on how to plan a summer wedding on a budget. This will help you BIG time on the social platforms, especially if you can get your content out ahead of time so that it picks up traction by the time people are searching. That's the goal of this program- to help you strategically create things ahead of time and give you the designs to get it done faster!  

If you TRULY don't want to write or create content around the content trend idea, you can easily use the templates provided to create whatever you want! They are templates, after all! Just swap out the image and add your title like you would with any other template. :-)  

How are you choosing these content trends?

I've done the research for you! I've taken many courses on SEO and studied many Pinterest trend reports and research guides (both from Pinterest and other top experts), and I've also studied the different promotional seasons in my own business. I've taken all of this information and developed an outline of what content trends to stay ahead of for you.  

That being said, as stated above: these are templates and if the exact seasonal trend idea isn't something that fits your niche, you can tweak it or change it to fit your needs. They are templates and they are fully editable.  

I love the style but my brand is much less colorful and more minimal- will these still be a good fit?

My style is definitely colorful! I aim to help you grab attention so that you get those conversions! However, if you really feel after changing the colors to match your brand that the design is still too busy for you and your audience you can always delete elements and backgrounds. It's MUCH easier to delete something than to figure out what to add! 

Will the mockups always be devices?

No, we have plans for notebooks, clipboards, cards/crafts, papers, etc! There will be a mix of different stypes and different options!

I'm a VA. Can I use these templates?

Yes!! You can use these templates for your clients. I only ask that you don't give the client access to the original template file that you purchased. :-)

Can I have my VA use these to design my projects?

Yep! You absoluetly can! Please make sure the VA understands that these files are only to be used by them for your pin designs (not their other clients)

Are you ready to jump in and start creating new content (and designs) like a machine?!

Templates are the BEST jumping-off point. These templates are designed to help you plan your content and funnels around seasonal trends so you can see more impact in less time. Get the clicks and conversions with ease without having to worry about the DESIGN part of blogging or what to work on next! 


$15 Billed Monthly  

This option is billed monthly from the date you sign up. You can cancel at any time.



$150 Billed Annually

Annual access: Best deal - get TWO months free! You can cancel at any time.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Annual plans are active for the entire term regardless of early cancellation. There will be no partial refunds for unused time.