Confidently Canva

What would happen if you were confident in your design decisions for creating beautiful, high-converting graphics in less time?

Imagine batch designing in minutes instead of hours and implementing templates more successfully and faster than ever before... because now you truly understand the tool you're using and the design concepts involved.


Master Canva and learn how to design social media graphics and printables

Most bloggers and online marketers understand the importance of design. They know that great content will only get them so far if they're not attracting enough attention with scroll-stopping designs.

However, their passion involves writing. Not design.

Even when using simple tools like Canva, most content creators struggle.

The problem is...

  • They don't fully understand how to use Canva, so they end up frustrated and wasting time.
  • They figure they know how to use Canva well enough but wonder why it takes SO long to create a pin.
  • They don't understand how to best edit a template because they aren't comfortable with the program they're using.
  • They think that because they are somewhat familiar with Canva, they assume they know "design" and then wonder why their graphics don't convert.
  • They waste countless hours Googling and YouTubing "how-to" videos.

But it doesn't have to be that hard!


Confidently Canva

Everything you need to know about how to use Canva to design printables, social media graphics + more!


How would creating your own designs using Canva be different for you if you could...


Deep-dive into all the Canva features, tricks, and "hacks" to fully understand how the program works best for bloggers


Understand font pairings, color combinations, and other concepts needed for a great design


Know how to quickly and effortlessly design a variety of graphics to grow your blog


Easily be able to create product cover designs, printables, and mockups for products that people can't wait to buy

Here's what you'll get in Confidently Canva!

Complete walk-through of all the features of Canva and how to use them

Detailed video tutorials on how to design with shapes, fonts, video, and more

Deep-dive lessons on tools such as the line tool, position tool, smart grouping, and more

Lessons on creating charts, shadows, textures, presentations, and more

Learn how to schedule posts, create live events, and record workshops right inside Canva

Downloadable assets such as shadows, cheatsheets, organization systems, and more

Pull it all together with modules on designing printables and social media graphics

Access to not only video tutorials but detailed, step-by-step text instructions with screenshots

PLUS bonuses to make designing in Canva quicker and easier than ever!

Plus these bonuses!


Our exclusive Trello board for organizing Canva assets, information, and project information


Learn how to create a variety of animated designs and implement them in your promotion strategy

You'll get all of this for just $57!


Here's what some bloggers had to say about Confidently Canva...

"Simplifying DIY Design is my GO-TO blog to learn about design.

I have Googled and googled for tips and tricks and have been so disappointed.

Now I know whom to turn to when I need some inspiration on how to design.

I also have purchased their template pack which is AMAZING.

- Sneha (Sneha Hiremath)

"Using the line trick revolutionized my world. I either used multiple text boxes to align text lines CLOSELY which was very time consuming or left them s p a c e d out which just looks so funny to me now!

The other was the trick for moving between objects that are layered. I can't tell you how many designs I "ruined" because I had to move layers out of the way to get behind in order to change colors and then couldn't put it together again. Think Humpty Dumpty! Now I just click and change!

- Christy (Happy Hive Crafts)

Get a sneak peek at the exact tools and templates inside Confidently Canva!

Imagine opening up a project inside Canva and feeling completely confident knowing that you'll finish your design without frustration, curse words, or walking away.

How would you feel if you fully understood how to use Canva and how to design high-converting printables, social media graphics, and more? How would you feel if you knew that you'd no longer "mess up" a template because you actually understand the concepts of design?

You don't have time to waste Googling or figuring it out. Let us show you exactly what you need to know!

Here's the thing...

We're not just going to spew design tips or features of Canva at you and leave you hanging. This isn't just a "How to Use Canva" course or a "How to Create a Printable" course.

Instead, we'll deep-dive into all the tools Canva has, and you'll learn how to use them to design faster. We'll show you how to design different elements and how they relate to the graphics that, as a blogger, you'll need to create. You'll master all the hacks, tips, tricks, and workarounds.

Then, we'll pull it all together in lessons on designing printables and social media graphics so you can confidently create designs (or confidently edit templates without the fear of "messing them up") that will grow your blog.

Here's what just a few of the thousands of bloggers who've been using our designs over the years had to say...


We've Got Answers For You

Do I need Canva Pro?

While some of the features discussed are Canva Pro, we do our best to let you KNOW they're a Pro feature and give workarounds or tips so you can still get the same results!

I'm not a blogger. Is this for me?

If you design marketing graphics, we think you'll still get a lot of use out of this course. That being said, we make a point to discuss how bloggers specifically will be able to implement the things we teach.  

I've used Canva before. Is this for me?

We frequently get the comment "I've used Canva for years and had no idea you could do that!" However, after going through all the lessons, if you truly feel that you haven't learned anything, please reach out, and we can chat!

But I use your templates!

We love giving people a done-for-you solution. However, we recognize that some people feel uncomfortable using templates because they don't know how to use Canva or don't understand design and are afraid to "mess it up." This course was created to fill that gap and help people feel more confident, even if they aren't designing from scratch!

Is it updated?

It's no secret that Canva changes a LOT! So much so that we completely scrapped the first version of this course (Canva Masterclass) and re-filmed all the modules. Plus added a lot more! We also added a lot of text tutorials and screenshots so that it can be easily updated as features are added or changed!

What kind of format is this in?

It's mainly in video format since design is much easier to show than tell, but many lessons are also stepped out in text+screenshot format. We've also included a few downloadable assets for you to use as well.


Master Canva + feel confident with design!

This course isn't just a "how to use Canva" course, and it's not just a "how to make printables" course; it's going to break it down into features and concepts to pull it all together into a design with visual demonstrations every step of the way.